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Stage Vibes
Simple. Straightforward. Secure
Stage Vibes brings together all entertainment industry stakeholders on a single platform. Users create a profile that details how they’re affiliated with the entertainment industry, providing valuable information about themselves and their experience.
Employers: Set the stage for an unforgettable event with Stage Vibes.

The talent you hire sets the tone for an event. And the performers you choose (on-stage and behind the scenes) are often what people remember – and talk about – days, months, even YEARS later. Don't leave it to chance or stick with the same old, same old.

Find talent with the right vibe.
It's simple & seamless:

Think about the vibe you want to create & refine your search
'Window-shop' profiles
Create an event profile and post job opportunities so the talent can also find YOU
Take a deeper dive – find out more about the talent or company: read reviews, watch videos, ask questions
Connect and request a quote
Pay securely through Stage Vibes. Funds are held in escrow and released 48 hours after the job is complete.

Safe. Secure. Hassle-free.

Now, take a bow. 

Talent: Get Hired

Do you find yourself asking 'How did they get that gig?', 'How do I get on that bill?' or 'How can I get connected with that company?'

Now it's easy. Set up a profile and get your 'Stage Vibes' out to a wider audience.

Create a profile - Showcase your talent, technical skill, expertise, and experience
Browse event postings - find the stage you were made to perform on (on-stage and off!)
Provide a quote
Get the gig
Employers immediately make a payment through Stage Vibes’ secure site. Funds are held in escrow until the job is complete
Get paid within 48 hours

Stage Vibes is your one-stop-shop to showcase your talent, provide updates, market yourself or your company and create a following. Not just a simple listing, Stage Vibes provides you with a platform (a stage!) to sell yourself (without the need to be a marketing expert).

Payments are secured through the Stage Vibes site and held in escrow until you perform. When the gig is complete, your payment is released within 48 hours.